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Real food

(June 26, 2011)

One of the principles of LCHF is “real food”.

What does it mean? First, that we should eat food we were meant to eat and that the body knows how to break down and digest properly. Secondly, the food should also be as natural as possible and not processed.

The first thing is not hard to understand but to implement the second can be trickier these days. An example: eat meat – no problem, but to eat meat from animals that feed on their natural food (e.g. grass fed beef) – is more problematic. Or, to make a good dairy cream sauce – no problem. But parve? Most of the canned coconut cream that I’ve found have all kinds of E aditives in them. (So far, I’ve found 5-6 imported companies and only one of them, an organic one, contained only one E. But the price …)

So what to do? In my opinion, the lesser of two evils. Until I find a good source (and relatively cheap) for grass fed meat I’ll buy the meat there is in the supermarket. As for the coconut cream, I will use it … At least I no longer use soup powders and various seasoning dices. As my mother used to say to us: “a little junk only cleanses the stomach”. 😉


One comment on “Real food

  1. immacraftybitch
    January 13, 2012

    I don’t know there is going to be “cheap” grass fed here, which is a joke because in most other countries, they wouldn’t think of feeding grain to cows. I was just in Ireland and was told when I asked about grass fed beef “What’s that? Cows eat grass, that’s all we have.”

    If you check out localharvest.org or, I’m not sure of your location but honoredprairie.com those are some two pretty good sources. I know honored sometimes has sales too. Hope it helps!

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