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managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel


(June 15, 2011)

Most days I’m writing a lot of blog posts – in the head. 😉

Fluent writing is not my strongest side, unless in the cases were I get some inspiration, and that happens only occasionally. Most of the time I have to “force” myself to sit down and write. Fortunately, the writing usually goes easier while writing.

So why do I keep writing this blog? Because it’s important for me! (And as I said, the writing usually flows in the end.)

So with all these posts on my mind, it’s often difficult to decide what to write. Today I debated whether to write about food costs when eating LCHF, or to write on an optimal food called egg. I also have some half-ready posts, saved as drafts, on various issues (e.g. sugar addiction, real food, metabolic syndrome, and others).

So what’s your opinion? What would you like to read about? (I see that at least 2-3 people read the blog from time to time. ;-)) What questions do you have?

In the meantime I’ll recommend another blog entry (in HE) that talks about food costs. Even though it’s about the paleo way of eating, shopping for LCHF is quite similar. (Though in my opinion costs can be reduced even more. Maybe I’ll write about it?)

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