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Today I was in the supermarket

(May 23, 2011)

I went to the supermarket – The usual weekly shopping: eggs, butter, 38% cream, cheese… There were enough fruits and vegetables left after last week’s market visit so I just took some onions, so there’ll always be some more at home. After all, how can you cook without it?

I pass rows of soft drinks, breakfast cereals, cakes, snacks … And I think, so much extra sugar, so much hydrogenated fat, so much artificial additives, so much E stuff … A deep sigh and I move on.

At the meat and poultry counter there’s whole chicken on sale. I take, of course. Among the meats there’s nothing special. We have enough in the freezer at home so there’s no need to pay full price today. I hear another customer ask the butcher to take off as much fat as possible on the piece of meat he wants. And I think what a shame. That component is what will give the dish a rich flavour. And satiety over time.

And I get this idea. I ask the butcher if it’s possible to buy all the fat they remove from chickens and meat. He looks at me, puzzled; they throw that away. I decided to find and make friends with a good butcher shop and ask them to keep that stuff for me. Finally I’ll have something natural to fry schnitzels in, instead of refined vegetable oil with too much omega-6.


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