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For those who don’t know Swedish

(June 10, 2011)

I know I haven’t written for a long time – I just have so many ideas to write about it’s hard to choose … 😉

So I decided that in the meantime I’ll translate a few thought provoking sentences from the book “The Food rEvolution” by Dr. Andreas Eenfeld. I apologize in advance for the stumbling language here and there, sometimes it’s difficult to translate exact. (Have I already mentioned that I’m a new immigrant for more than 25 years? 😉 )

Who decides:
“The year is 1984. While scientists still argue, politicians and powerful American lobbyists decides.”

Who benefits:
“The food industry celebrated the new rules. From the 80s onward they were able to produce your food with the lowest possible cost ingredients, sugar and starch, dilute it with water and other additives, and sell it expensive with the health argument “lite”. The boring flavour could be hidden with more sugar, salt and artificial flavours.”

On Kayes’ studies:
“About here [in the cholesterol research] the question marks started to appear. Did [Kayes] look for the truth or did he just want to prove that he was right? If he was wrong, would he admit it?”

On blood sugar:
“Do you know how much blood sugar you have right now? About five grams. A spoonful of grape sugar. That’s all, dissolved in about five liters of blood, if you’re healthy.” “… When you eat a big plate of pasta, rice, or potatoes, more than one hundred grams of grapes sugar can get into your blood. Blood that should only contain five grams at any given time. ”

On sugar and teeth:
“Danisco sugar [a sugar products company] wrote on their website that cavities are caused not only by sugar but “mostly because of poor teeth brushing.” With such logic one doesn’t have to worry about cyanide, only it’s lack of antidote.”

On saturated fat:
“A big part of our body is built of these saturated fats, even breast milk contains a lot of them. So how can they be toxic?”

“According to the Dietary Guidelines of the Ministry of Health [U.S. and Sweden – I haven’t found the Israeli Ministry of Health recommendations in the subject] all children”regardless of age and weight” should only drink skimmed milk from the day the stop to breastfeed. Anything else is considered dangerous to the children” cholesterol levels. But there’s a problem [with this thought]. Breast milk fat is ten times higher than skimmed milk, and contains a lot of saturated fat. If saturated fat is dangerous then nursing mothers actually poison their children.”

On the fear of fat:
“At the same time as the fear of fat started, so started the obesity epidemic. The more we avoided fat the fatter we got.”

On calories:
“The fixation on calories in and out, misses the main question: Why?”

On fat people:

“… It’s not likely that the main problem is fat people who refuses to loose weight. The problem is the health care system holding on to old diet advices that has been proven wrong in researches.”

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