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1, 2, 3 – I’m …

(May 29, 2011)

No, I’m not Achashverosh. And, thankfully, I’m not diabetic, but I wonder …

Who hasn’t heard of diabetes? There’s diabetes type 1, type 2, type 1.5 (also called MODY), gestational diabetes, LADA, and I probably forgot one or two more. There are various reasons why one gets the different types but they all have in common that there’s some kind of defect in the insulin production. In diabetes type 1, for example, the body can’t make any insulin at all. In type 2, on the other hand, there’s still some insulin production (at least initially) but the body cells (such as muscle and fat cells, for example) don’t react properly to the insulin levels and the pancreas must produce more and more. And so on. In all the different types of diabetes one needs to add insulin to the body so blood sugar level won’t raise too much and endanger us.

Today there are insulin injections and pills at different doses. And I wonder – Why not try to reduce blood sugar through diet?

The problem is that many dietitians and nutritionists don’t think it through. (Or they didn’t learn enough endocrinology?) My brother-in-law, who had only slightly elevated levels of blood sugar, got the advice to eat much more bread. What? Even though he was told to eat whole wheat bread, that breaks down more slowly, it will eventually break down to starches that raises blood sugar. Another tip he received was to eat much more fruits and vegetables. Vegetables OK, but fruit? That’s full of sugar? (BTW, why is it always “fruits&vegetables” like they’re the same thing and equally healthy? Far from it!)

Insulin was discovered in the early 20s in the last century. It was a very significant discovery and made life easier for many diabetics. But even before that, the doctors knew how to treat the majority of diabetes patients – by low-carbohydrate diet!

PS I have friends with type 2 diabetes who stopped taking insulin pills after they removed the carbohydrates from their food. They call themselves diabetic type 0. 😉

2 comments on “1, 2, 3 – I’m …

  1. Myra
    January 11, 2012

    So great to find you! I too am interested in smashing western society’s dietary and nutritional myths. I’ve reached a profound understanding, that if modern society says some old fashioned food or medicine is bad for us, they are wrong..period. I don’t even have to check it anymore!
    Much good work here. Some books and researchers you may have heard of. Sally Fallon and her book ‘Nourishing Traditions’ written with Biochemist Mary Enig who published her important research on fats and oils in her book ‘Know Your Fats’. Ms. Fallon looks at how humans were processing their foods before modern processing. So even if a person chooses to eat starches and complex carbs, he HAS to first soak them and even better let them ferment. Fascinating and a must read for any healthy food enthusiast. A great blog: http://paleodietnews.com/ .
    Mr. Taubes’s book “Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It”. There are many more.
    SO….now this has to become mainstream here in Israel. I’m so sick and tired of people cutting the fat off of meat either in supermarkets or on Israeli cooking shows!

    • Dina
      January 11, 2012

      Hi Myra!
      I agree, there’s so much information out there and I can’t understand why health professionals aren’t more updated …

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