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managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

Side effects

(May 5, 2011)

When I started to eat LCHF I thought it was “a nice way” to lose weight. I asked a friend her opinion (she works with nutrition) and she answered “Oh, low-carbohydrate diets don’t last. You can’t continue to eat without carbs. Besides the body must have carbohydrates to function.” And some more similar sayings.

It’s known that you can get some side effects when the body changes from burning carbohydrates to fat burning, like weakness, fatigue, irritability, bad taste and smell from the mouth, and some others. It usually passes within a few days but there are those who it takes them a few weeks. These are common withdrawal symptoms. I didn’t feel a lot of them, perhaps a little weakness on the third day and it was all gone by the first week.

I wanted to lose about 5 kg and indeed I lost, already in a month and a half, about 2.5 of them. Since then I am dropping and gaining the same kilo all the time.

Am I satisfied? Very!

Because I got a few other side effects: I’m full of energy (I started to run), I have no gas :-), my gums no longer bleed, I eat tasty things (as much as I want), and the craving for sweets is almost gone.

Do I plan to continue to eat like this? Absolutely!

May there be more side effects! 😉

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