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managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

Happy Holiday!

(April 19, 2011)

And enjoy the food, without any bad conscience 🙂

As long as it’s not too much and there are no sugar addiction problems lurking …

Yesterday, at the Seder, I tasted all the special holiday things (and even more of some): matzah, charoset, knaidlach … But I felt there was no problem to give up on the potato casserole and the dessert cake (simple and dry). I’ll probably eat some more matzah with butter this morning but it’s not as tempting as it used to be, certainly not in the quantities as once.

This holiday I made some “Oopsies” to eat instead of Passover rolls, and later I’ll also make some snacks; coconut or nut cookies cookies, sweetened with 85% chocolate. 🙂

A kosher Passover everyone!

PS I’m playing with the idea to change the appearance a little on the blog. Would love to hear comments.


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