Who Needs Carbs

managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

Dilemma …

(9 April 2011)

I bake.

I’ve baked since I was a child.

I bake breads, cakes, cookies.

Baking is occupational therapy for me.

Two years ago I started a pastry chef course. I’ve been baking for over thirty years and yet I decided to take the course. I wanted the “professional methods”, I wanted tips, I wanted to get a certificate for things I already knew.

I had plans, plans for the future. I wanted to do something I liked for a change. I wanted to change my hobby to my profession.

Initially everything went well, according to plan. A year ago, for example, a hosted a “Swedish cafe” when the community where I live arranged an Open Houses weekend. I enjoyed every minute of the planning and implementation. I baked, I prepared,I hosted, I sold.

The next day I came across LCHF. By accident. (Or not?)

At first I thought it was a diet. Then I got wiser, and I understood. I didn’t want to bake for people anymore. I didn’t want to “poison” them. But – what should I do with the dream of my life???

Can I give up my dream?

Can I educate everyone?

At first I answered “no”. I said, each person must decide for himself what to eat. I thought, one doesn’t have to completely stop with carbohydrates. There are events, there are special celebrations – I eat a piece of birthday cake every few months. So why not celebrate with my cakes?

But, I stopped planning, stopped advertising, I almost totally stopped baking.

Yesterday I attended a Spring Fair. I baked breads, cakes, and cookies. I also prepared LCHF-muffins. The truth is – baking is still like occupational therapy, but I got the most excited when I made up the muffin recipe with no flour and no sugar.

And the same thing at the fair itself. Usually I talk with my customers about the baked goods, the Swedish recipes, the fun in kneading dough and … (Did I mention that baking is a passion?) But yesterday, somehow, didn’t have the same dynamics. I sold some breads and cookies, so I sold. But – When someone bought the muffins, I got excited. And I could not stop talking about carbohydrates’ damaging, about reduction their amount in our eating and … (A new passion?)

So – On hand the desire to bake, on the other hand the carb problem … A dilemma!

Dilemma? Not anymore! Back to the kitchen! Trying out and experimenting with a new type of pastries*:-)

* Well, maybe I’ll wait till after Passover …

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