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I heard an add …

(March 29, 2011)

For an institute that addresses attention and concentration issues.

It’s  known today that excessive consumption of sugar is a major cause of these problems, and that one shouldn’t give children too much candy and sweet drinks etc. Actually, when I grew up, we only received candy on Saturdays and only drank sweet drinks at parties. Today’s parents are more or less careful not to give their children too much candy everyday. But what about the hidden sugar? No, I don’t mean Bamba and chips, that I think fits the candy category, I’m asking about the things that supposedly are healthy – cereals, yogurts and the likes, and even pastrami*.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of these products? (Or at any of the things in your shopping cart? Very interesting and worth doing every now and then!) Sugar comes pretty high on the list, and if there’s no sugar then starches, not to talk about “high fructose corn syrup” that’s found in so many things we eat without even noticing.

I wonder how children (and adults) who have attention deficit problems would feel if they were too restrictive sugars hidden in food. And also limit the carbohydrates. After all, carbohydrates are sugars.

* And before you start to complain that in the end there won’t be anything left to give children to take to school – To me it seems preferable to eat a little sugar that’s in pastrami (perhaps with a hard boiled egg instead of in a sandwich) than the amounts of sugar you get in a small bag of cornflakes …


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