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A few more things about LDL

(10 March, 2011)

Although Purim and not Passover is knocking on the door, I ran into some ‘kushiot’ [difficulties] concerning LDL:

1. It’s difficult to measure LDL in the blood – In laboratories, where our blood tests are tested, they don’t check the LDL levels. They examine HDL levels, triglycerides, and total cholesterol. Then there’s a formula that gives an approximate of the cholesterol amount within the LDL. Not to the LDL itself.

– I’m asking: Why do people who are “border-line” get drugs to reduce LDL? I mean, it’s not sure they need it. And considering all unpleasant side effects of these drugs …

2. The LDL limits determined as “healthy/unhealthy” are statistical evaluations. Studies on “high-risk” men has shown that reducing LDL levels is more efficient then bypass surgery and similar processes.

– I’m asking: “High-risk men” – So why give drugs to both men and women? And why to people who are not at high risk? (“High-risk” includes: smoking, obesity, diabetes, etc.)

3. Some (all?) of these studies were tied to pharmaceutical companies.

– I wonder how much you can rely on such studies …

4. Research on what happens with too little LDL in the blood has only started.

– So far I’ve only found one small study, but considering that the body need LDL to transport cholesterol to cells, it seems to me that too low LDL is not so good. The question is “what is a healthy level?”. I think that if the body gets nutrition that fits it, the body will know how to regulate levels of most body substances, including the LDL. (Of course there can be diseases and damage caused by years of malnutrition.)


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