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HDL – “The Good”

(March 6, 2011)

HDL – “high-density lipoprotein” – is the container leading cholesterol to the liver (mainly).

Why “good”?

Among other things, because HDL carries within it many kinds of fats and proteins and even if some of them are at low concentrations, they are highly biologically active and help delay oxidation, inflammation, coagulation, and more. All this contributes to the ability of HDL to protect against heart disease such as atherosclerosis. Studies have shown that the HDL affects the risk of these diseases – a higher level more protective. It has also been seen that even with low LDL, there is a higher risk of coronary heart disease if the HDL is low.

How can one raise the level of HDL?

The usual answer is to exercise more and lose weight. Something most of us are trying to do with different results. But there are certain things you can do with small efforts:

  • Stop eating trans fats (most of us already know that margarine really unhealthy)
  • Lower the amount of carbohydrates in food
  • Add good fats (saturated and monounsaturated fats)
  • Add Omega-3 in food (or food additive)
  • Quit smoking (this can be a bit more difficult for some people)
  • Reduce alcohol consumption (I didn’t say to stop completely)

It turns out that specifically in women, the HDL level is the best figure to predict future heart problems!

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