Who Needs Carbs

managing an LCHF lifestyle in Israel

Thoughts late at night …

The establishment (doctors, nutritionists, and other health personnel …) say that we need carbohydrates, mainly as an energy source, and they should constitute about 55% of the nutrients we eat every day. Really?

I don’t claim to be a nutrition expert, but I’ve always been interested in the field. I try to live with an open mind, explore by myself, and ask questions. Then I decide what’s healthy for me and my body.

Are doctors and nutritionists studying biochemistry? Probably. And yet …

I looked for and found information on how the human body produces energy. Mainly: it burns carbohydrates first, then protein, and in the end fat. But if all the time there are carbohydrates in the body, when will it start to burn the accumulated fat?

Are we being taught a nutritional lie?

(Feb 14, 2011)

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