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Insulin (IV) – “The Old Man”

When we’re healthy, the pancreas produces and secretes insulin according to blood sugar levels. When the level rises more insulin is created and when the level falls insulin production stops.

Over time, as the body ages, the sensitivity to the required amount of insulin gets duller. The liver, for example, gets unable to feel that there is enough glucose in the blood and begins to produce some more, whereas the muscles aren’t able to collect the blood glucose and stay “hungry” for energy. The pancreas then produces some more insulin in response, so that the body will function*. But with more insulin in the system, the regulators become even less sensitive and so it goes round-round. We’ve reached the situation “insulin resistance”.

Once this process was “a thing” for the elderly among us – “Old” diabetes or Type 2. But today, with the boost of eating carbohydrates (even “slow “** carbs), fructose, and corn syrup (a cheap sweetener found in many food products), one can reach that status much faster. It’s not for no reason that type 2 diabetes in youngsters has risen …

* And elevated insulin levels “lock” even more fat in the fat cells …

* * In the end all types of carbohydrates break down to glucose, even the very slow ones.

(Feb 24, 2011)


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